Tabby - Brown - Senior - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredhousetrainedSpecial Needs

Dora is our senior cat who is estimated at about 12 years old. When we first got the call about her during the winter, she was an outdoor/feral cat, being fed by a caregiver within the city. The caregiver called because Dora was showing obvious signs of upper respiratory and breathing issues. We caught her and started her on medication to clear the URI. At first, she would hiss at us, but never bite, especially if she didn’t see you coming. We understood her reaction once we realized that she is also deaf. After gaining her trust, she has calmed down to where now she likes to be brushed, patted, and sit on your lap. She has come a long way from being out on the streets.

Her only remaining issue is a persistent nasal condition. It is possible it may be a polyp, but there is almost no way to tell. In the meantime we keep her nose clear with saline and baby nose drops, only when her nose is really stuffed up. We would love for Dora to find a home where she can live out her days surrounded by love and comfort. Are you her dream come true????

Our adoptions run as follows: When someone shows an interest in one of our pets we respond with an email with an attached application. Once your application is emailed back to us, and a background check is completed, a meeting with the animal goes forward. We are a rescue group which means all of our cats/kittens are technically in foster care. We are not set up for drop in visits. All of our contact is done through e-mails until you are called by David who is the gentleman that reviews all of our applicants. Dave is the one with all of the background information on the cats/kittens. Our adoption fee is $150 per pet. All of our cats/kittens are fully vetted, current on all shots, micro-chipped and spayed/neutered before heading home.

P.S.: Our ACO is not involved with any of the cat/kitten placement procedures so please do not contact her for assistance. You will simply be sent back to us. Thank you!!!