Welcome to our new website

We are just getting started up, so please pardon our appearance during construction

3 Comments on "Welcome to our new website"

  • I am looking forward to watch you grow on the internet………as a cat lover and fellow rescuer I am always looking for ways to improve what I do…..
    Love all your kitty pics, aren’t the homeless and feral such beautiful animals? I send God’s Blessing to all who are involved with your organization……it is hard and rewarding work!!

  • Sue sozek says

    I adopted two of Sophie’s little girls. I get to visit them once a week and watch them grow. Can’t wait until I can bring them home. Thank you Dave and Sue for taking great care of all the cats that you have.

  • looking forward to adopting from your agency! what you do is priceless for the rescue animals and so needed thank you!

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