Welcome to our new website

We are just getting started up, so please pardon our appearance during construction

4 Comments on "Welcome to our new website"

  • I am looking forward to watch you grow on the internet………as a cat lover and fellow rescuer I am always looking for ways to improve what I do…..
    Love all your kitty pics, aren’t the homeless and feral such beautiful animals? I send God’s Blessing to all who are involved with your organization……it is hard and rewarding work!!

  • Sue sozek says

    I adopted two of Sophie’s little girls. I get to visit them once a week and watch them grow. Can’t wait until I can bring them home. Thank you Dave and Sue for taking great care of all the cats that you have.

  • looking forward to adopting from your agency! what you do is priceless for the rescue animals and so needed thank you!

  • Anna says

    I have adopted three cats from Sue and Dave and I can’t say anything bad bout them.
    All the cats in their cat are VERY WELL cared for. If one cat is ill, I have seen them stay up all night with them and nurse them back to health! They even bottle feed babies every two hours until they eat on their own. They go out of their way to be kind and loving, even in the hardest cases and have converted many feral cats into loving, happy pets.
    Their cat holding facility is spotless, and it smells good. They also have a play room for the cats and let them out every day to play and expend their energy and be groomed.
    I sometimes volunteer to help clean out the cages. I couldn’t be more proud that Sue and Dave are doing all this, and without getting paid, (all this is volunteered). GOD bless you both. You really were sent by GOD to help the wonderful animals. Love you!!!!

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